March 24, Online Meeting: COVID19 Response Grant

If you want to attend this online meeting, but you have not already received an invitation by email, please contact for more details.

The primary purpose of this meeting will be to discuss the implementation of an emergency grant for $1,000 from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.  To view a copy of this grant proposal go to this link

How can we best utilize this money under the current circumstance?

Meeting Agenda for Tuesday: March 24 (Via Zoom)


1. NEGEF emergency grant towards local food security

a. Seed Library (outdoors)                                                                                        

b.  Seedlings for Stamford.

c. Distributed Garden Beds                                                                

2. Community Garden Space

3. Community Food Service

4. New Business



May 21: Meeting Agenda and Community Composting Discussion

Next Tuesday’s Seed Savers meeting at 6 p.m. will be hosting Athena Bradley from the Northeast Recycling Council to discuss Community Composting and to explain the use of a large Jora Composter that is being awarded to the Stamford VT Seed Savers for composting of food waste from the elementary school.

Jora Composter

For this event our meeting will be held in the school instead of the town library. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Approval of minutes from May 7th
  2. Progress Report: Summer Camp Program
  3. Planning for Church Bazaar
  4. Formation of new Town “Community Committee” (name to be determined)
  5. Chicken Coop update

The remainder of the meeting will be devoted to a discussion of Community Composting under the leadership of Athena Bradley from the Northeast Recycling Council.

This is an important planning meeting; we hope as many as possible can attend, as we NEED YOUR IDEAS!

Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2019

Attending: Jen Hughes, Pam Tworig, Linda Hughes, Terry Stimson,  Larry Potvin, Stephen Greene, Caroline Burch, Helen Fields, Priscilla Tracy, CJ Vadnais, Betty Vadnais, Jen Ryan                                                                                                                                                Snack = Mcvitee’s HobNobs


  • Approval of Minutes from March 26, 2019


“There is a lot of good stuff here.”  Minutes approved


  • Planning of Seed Sharing Event: Saturday, April 13th at fire house


    Flyers handed out for distribution. PSA’s have gone out to iBershires and the Berkshire  Eagle.

Whose coming? Stephen, CJ, Jen H., Helen

Note: Pam will be supervising tree planting in North Adams (Northern berkshire Community Coalition)

Terry will take seeds to start at home.

Get there at 9:30

Seeds need to be alphabetized in expanding folders prior to event.  Get in touch with Helen about when to do this.

Helen will send a notice of the event through the school to parents of school children.

Terry will bring coffee maker and coffee to the firehouse.

Bring coffee mugs from home instead of paper.

We will plant seedlings for fundraising during / afterwards.

Pam has plant pots that she wants to give away and hoops for a small hoop house.  Jen, Terry, Helen, and Stephen will look at the hoop house, tomorrow at 1:00.

Terry can bring some tools and a truck and her Husband to help disassemble the hoop house.

We have about 100 new seed varieties from various sources.

We should also have a procedure for people to leave seeds at the event or at the town offices foyer.

CJ brought A-Frame Sign which we will setup tonight. (Done)

Pam also has additional equipment related to seed starting for the school.

Arrive by 9:30 on the day of


  • Day in the Dirt: Saturday April 27th  10 am – 2 pm


Building of garden beds etc..  Everything is in place to complete the new beds.

Now that there is a gate, CJ can bring his tractor with a bucket to fill the beds.

If we can finish the garden beds we will start work on the shed.

Work can also continue on Green-up Day.  There will be a dance event that evening.


  • Bulletin Board


Stephen has purchased materials and is building a bulletin board which will be

mounted at entrance to the school to improve communication.  Location was

chosen by the school principal and approved by the selectboard. It should be

done within the next two weeks.


  • School Activities Check-in


    A planting activity will take place with all classes at end of April.  This will include

Helen, Stephen, Larry, Terry and Jen.


  • Finance Report


We have received 187.50 in donations through the VCGN website so far, which will be matched by VCGN. They will match up to $250 for a total of $500.

Additional Notes:

Helen is planning to organize a one week summer camp in July that will culminate with the community dinner that is being planned for July 20th.

Helen recently visited the Hawlemont School to see their agricultural program, which has been very successful.  We should have a presentation about the their program in Stamford. Helen will contact the principal about coming to Stamford to make a presentation.

There will be an all board meeting on Thurs. the 24th?

Next Meeting on April 23rd.


Stamford Vermont Seed Savers, Meeting Minutes: Tuesday 3/26/19

Bernice, Stephen, Helen, Caroline, Larry, CJ, Betty, Terry, Micah, and Jen


  • Welcome and Hearing of the Visitors
  • Reading and Approval of old Minutes  (Approved)
  • Discussion:
  • Grants status (statuses, stati, stata?)


      1. VCGN $500 and new online matching fundraiser info SVSS Matching Fund Donation Link: please view!

We asked for $1,000 – We received $500 with the possibility of another $250 matching funds for a possible total of $1,000, which includes the matching funds.  Matching fund donations must be made through the website. See a Seed Saver member if you need access to a computer and want to donate; we can help you do that.  Caroline will send e-mail requests.

  • NEGEF: what we asked for and how you can help make it real



We asked for everything that was in the minutes from the previous meeting (March 9).

We will need more 2×4’s for the shed than the previous estimate.

We need a raspberry planting date for donations of plants.  We will need to request permission from the selectboard. Caroline suggested we ask townfolk for additional local raspberry donations.

After talking to Micah we have determined that we will put up a bulletin board on the outside wall to the right before entering the building, under the eave.


  • 4/13/19 Seed Swap plan:  place?


Volunteers: Bernie, Helen, CJ, Stephen, Priscilla?,  and Joe? Others? We need more.

Can we use the firehouse again?  – CJ will speak to Bill Levine to see if he has requested the date.

We will also start plants at the seed swap.

Caroline will include the Seed Saver’s website link and encourage people to sign up when she sends the request for donations.

Terry will seed plants at home; Larry, too. Bernie volunteered her brother Leon to also help plant and tend plants.

Caroline has hundreds of 4” pots that she could donate.


  • 4/27/19 Day in the Dirt 10am-2pm: Build beds; clean gardens…



  • 5/3/19 Classroom planting at SES (Helen, Stephen and others)


Also Jen Ryan, Terry and Larry volunteered;  SVSS will cover the cost of fingerprinting;

We will buy shelving for in school lights.


  • 5/4/19 GREEN UP DAY! We table and sell plants


We want to recruit more volunteers for Green Up Day.  How about a treasure hunt for the kids (in the garden).

There will be another Rock and Roll Dance that night.  Maybe the dance/Seed Savers could offer a $2 discount to first timer Green Up Day volunteers.


  • 5/11/19 Mothers’ Day “Breakfast in (Garden) Bed.” Breakfast and coffee for anyone who shows up, with or without their mother, to build  garden beds!


Call the event Mother’s Day Breakfast ‘n Beds.


  • SES Agriculture Committee report


Grant request for a small greenhouse: Interest in composting program to compost food waste on site.

Plan for seed planting with kids in class on 5/3.  Return on June 7 for planting.

Looked at School Curriculum, there are a ton of opportunities to integrate.

Use reading buddies to do activities, i.e. planting.

Terry – Suggested educational poster board at food waste and related science projects.

Helen – Planning a one week summer garden camp.  Possibly 9 – 2:30 (School schedule) The week before the community dinner, which could become a culminating event.  She will put out a survey to the parents and kids.

Micah is able to send informational flyers home with kids.


  • Flower boxes in Stamford


Possible pollinator project in school in the fall.  Flowers will be pollinator friendly and could include informational signs.




We have $1,000 for a large Jorga composter.  Our goal is to be able to compost school food waste on site.

Bernie is sponsoring a second 50s dance in May with the same band.  We discussed a June Event; a strawberry picnic with chicken tenders and strawberry shortcake as a fundraiser for SVSS.


  • NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 4/9/19 at 6pm in Library (2 weeks from today)


~Agenda includes plan for imminent Seed Swap on 4/13/19.


Bernie has a pop-up canopy for outdoor activities.

CJ wants to know “Do Students study the solar system?”   He is interested in integrating a garden sundial project with the school.


Stamford VT Seed Savers, AGENDA: Tuesday 3/26/19

      Town Library                                                         6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  1. Welcome and Hearing of the Visitors
  2. Reading and Approval of old Minutes
  3. Discussion:
    1. Grants status (statuses, stati, stata?)
      1. VCGN $500 and new online matching fundraiser info SVSS Matching Fund Donation Link: please view!
      2. NEGEF: what we asked for and how you can help make it real
      1. 4/13/19 Seed Swap plan:  place?
      2. 4/27/19 Day in the Dirt 10am-2pm: Build beds; clean gardens…
    3. MAY EVENTS:
      1. 5/3/19 Classroom planting at SES (Helen, Stephen and others)
      2. 5/4/19 GREEN UP DAY! We table and sell plants?
      3. 5/11/19 Mothers’ Day “Breakfast in (Garden) Bed.” Breakfast and coffee for anyone who shows up, with or without their mother, to build 4 garden beds!
    4. SES Agriculture Committee report
    5. Flower boxes in Stamford


  1. NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 4/9/19 at 6pm in Stamford Library (2 weeks from today)

~Agenda includes plan for imminent Seed Swap


Stamford Vermont Seed Savers, Meeting Minutes: 3/12/19



Helen, Caroline, Susan, Larry, Pat, Bill, Terry, Stephen, Victoria, Jen (Librarian)


  1. Grant status
    1. NEGEF gave us a second grant of $3250 last Spring. We have $1500 remaining. Stephen and Larry drew schemes for a shed and priced out wood. Shed is 6×12 with extended roof 18’ beyond shed. Capable of rain water harvest. Larry reports on wood pricing of HP Lumber would be $835. APPROVED paying HP Lumber for this purchase. Still need roofing and hardware in addition to that. We have already purchased and delivered all bed wood. Next year’s grant suggestions:
      1. Greenhouse
      2. Raspberries
      3. Bulletin boards
      4. Fruit trees
      5. Wildflower boxes for pollinators
      6. Speaker series (library events)
      7. Tools donated


    1. VCGN. grant tomorrow
    2. Shed and watering systems: see grant
    3. Events
      1. Outdoor Dinner Party (Community Building Committee)
        1. “Stamford Summer Dinner” in front of school/parking lot and rain date in gym.
        2. All community event. Bring your own table and tablecloth; build a rectangular quilt of tables; we ask people to bring their harvest to eat; we provide some corn, soups, potato and tomato; bring your own picnic.
        3. July 20, 2019 Saturday tentative date.
        4. Transportation to gardens for garden activities; hayride; vote for your favorite garden bed with prize for winner. To bring interest to the gardens.

Seed Swap April 13 Bill will check dates

Plant Starts for fundraising: flowers, annuals, herbs, brassicas

Caroline can get mini-meadow author to donate seed packets.


We need groups in community to recruit attenders.

Day in the Dirt: April 27 build beds Bill will check dates

Classroom activities Larry and Terry will help with this.

Green up day. We will have a table there. Promote composting at home. We can sell plants again. Outreach table. Branch out with other plants. If anyone wants a table to sell their products they are welcome to do so. We can give away seeds. Terry wants to make raspberry jam. Tyna Senecal sells maple syrup. GUD will contact her.

Church Bazaar: We need a point person for this. Caroline will ask about this. Can we make announcements at St. John Bosco.

Outdoor dinner party: Community Building

August: Food processing workshop? Ask McCann if they offer the class. SG is interested in FOod Handlers; ;Terry is also.

Other workshops?

Harvest event at school

  1. Seed Saving. Bill has a wheat grinder. Used to grind whole wheat and corn in his stone mill. Susan grew blue corn and will bring it to next meeting.
  2. Community Building: Pat described plans for a Stamford Outdoor Summer Supper this summer (possibly July).


  1. New business



  1. Community Building meeting tomorrow 3/13/19 at Stamford Elementary School.
  2. Caroline has a Timber Press Seed Saving Book and mushroom books.How can we use these and have access
  3. We can plan a mushroom walk soon.

AFTERNOTE: We did not mention that we need a workcamp on 5/11/19 to continue work on the new shed. This is Mothers Day Weekend so we were wondering if people want to also have a SVSS breakfast and workcamp?

Seed Savers Meeting Agenda: Feb 12, 2019

1. Old business: SVSS reports
     a. NEGEF grant report and Finance report
     b. Seeds saved and seeds lost to the furies: bring what you have, and tell your story (members)
    c. Stamford School activities
2. New Business:
         a) Proposal for Summer Harvest Event
         b) Spring gardening schedule; finish making beds,  planting
         c) Do we want to have a plant sale/activity?
         d) Speakers this year 
         e) Vermont Community Garden Grant application (new)
3. Additional Ideas
         a) working with other committees in town
         b) ????

Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: Sept. 25

  1. Report on recent activities: In the classroom and in the garden:

Delivery of compost by Larry Potvin, Annah Boucher, Ken Boucher, & Stephen Greene, donated by Diane and Nate Finney. It is excellent aged horse manure that we used with great success in this year’s school garden.

We were able to harvest 65 pounds of potatoes from two of the beds that were planted by children in the spring. The following week SG taught grades 6, 7, & 8 how to make potato chips in a microwave using olive oil and a variety of spices. Students were responsible for identifying the geographic origin of several plants including potatoes, peppercorns, olives, and … potato chips (Saratoga Springs N.Y.) Worksheet will be posted on website.

2. Scheduling of a workday:  Work that needs to be done includes the construction of additional beds and a tool shed.

It needs to happen in the next 30 days on a Saturday.

It was agreed that we will have work days on the 13th and the 27th of Oct.

Announce that work will be happening at the garden on the 13th and if we need more work time (which we will) we will carry it over to the 27th.

3. Garden design discussion.

We have agreed to proceed with the construction of the garden beds based on a more classical design worked out using cardboard models to experiment with bed designs.

It was decided that the best location for a tool shed would be in the northwest corner. The new beds will fill in the space between the existing beds and the proposed location for the tool shed. The tool shed should include a roofed extension for shade and shelter. The roof should be designed to collect rainwater. Perhaps we relocate the water tank for collection.

Stephen and Larry will lay out the lines for bed location in advance of work day. Boards will be measured and cut and delivered in groups for assembly.

Weed Barrier and lag bolts will need to be purchased.

4. Farm to School Grant: We have the opportunity to apply for a grant that will help:

  • make the Stamford school garden program more sustainable
  • support other schools in the school district to create additional garden programs
  • bring more locally grown fresh produce into our school cafeterias
  • Work with teachers to integrate gardening and nutrition into their curriculum

We agreed that it would be in our interest to apply for this grant.

5. Discussion of how to renew, expand and maintain enthusiasm for Seed Savers activities over the long term.

Invite families of school kids to participate.

Serve food.

Call on friends to help.

Get the word out well in advance.



Stamford Vt Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, June 19th:

1. School Programming:  Report on activities in the classrooms of Stamford Elementary School; Angela showed her photo of her children’s garden made because of their love of the garden lessons.

Members enjoyed looking over the gardens planted by students, and Linda weeded while talking.

2.Work Plans:

  • Work and Watering Schedule

Although it rained very much last night, it was still somewhat dry.  SG found a water tank for about $100. CJ might be willing to fill it from fire truck to get started.

It will be elevated so that we can use a hose to water beds from the tank.

And we need a submersible pump to put in the stream. Chris Kilfoyle will volunteer labor and minor parts, as well as advice. SG will send him the info. Details in discussion followed.

Here who says they will water: Caroline, Lynn, Larry and Priscilla will help.

  • Entry to Tennis Court – Delivery of Compost;

once fence is cut, and compost delivered, we can insert the water tank.     Larry, Joe and Stephen evaluated the fence issue. We agreed to go through the middle; SG has hardware to start this project. We plan to make it as child safe as possible. We can start tomorrow (Wednesday).

  • Additional garden beds: wood ready; we will wait until the gate is done; we are getting fifteen 12 footers instead of 10 footers from Mark and Larry. They will only charge us for 10 footers.
  • Watering System: SG getting a 275 gal. tank; we will talk to Mark about how to build it. Larry will look around for some lumber.
  • Tool Shed: we need one for the tools and equipment.
  • Sundial
  • Strawberry beds: we need to think about what we are planting. We want what ties into the school curriculum and lunch program, etc. If we have a few more beds, we can have a school strawberry party. Cherry tomatoes in the beginning of the year; potatoes for fall. What do we want to grow in the next beds. Ask seniors if they want their own beds.

Fall Harvest Plans: We should have a summer party or three for the community(Larry’s birthday, tool shed commissioning; summer reading program; harvest festival)

New Business:  

  1. SG wants emergency contact of people; Caroline adds emails. Chris Warren used to have it. It goes out to over 50 people.
  2. Joseph talked to GMP about spraying weeds; they are now restrained with what they can do; they now smear trunks of trees with weed killer instead of spraying; this seems to be an important.

Next Meeting: July 3, 2018; bring food from your gardens; we will eat and meet.


Seed Savers Meeting Minutes Tuesday June 5, 2018:

Present: Stephen, Helen, Timmie, Pam, Ruth, Betty, Larry, Caroline, Ann, Victoria, Angela, Laurie, Jen, Priscilla, and Susan.

Pruning Demonstration:

Pam Tworig shared her expertise in the principles of tree pruning, using the crab apples in front of the school.

Grant Application Status and Budget Report:

 NEGEF has posted that we have been granted $3,250, but we are awaiting official notification. We made $135 at the church bazaar selling heirloom tomatoes.  Seed Saver members can take home whatever tomatoes they want from the remainders.

Church Bazaar Report:

Discussed above.

School Landscape and Garden Design: first steps; maps provided

Discussion: We need to identify the goals.  Entrance to school is one area.Principal Hayre’s idea is to have flowers around the school.   He is open to anything else.

Ideas include: edible landscaping,  native trees and shrubs.                                              Access to the gardens need to be considered

Pat- wants to see an integrated plan.

There are two areas of focus, the gardens on the tennis court and the larger school property.

The most time critical decision will be to decide on the placement of the blueberry bushes.  Placing blueberries along the west side of the tennis courts in a single line along the fence will allow us to hang netting over them from the fence.  The selectboard has already approved this placement.

Four grafted lilacs are being given to the school from North Branch Landscaping.  Lilacs need to be placed carefully, they are beautiful in the right place, but could look odd if planted in the wrong spot.  They are eye-catching and might look good in front of the school. Pam says that they are rooted in place and could stay there for a while.

Stephen will draw up initial plans for garden design and submit to group for commentary and revision.

Next Meeting:

Helen and Stephen say that there is going to be a lot of work to do on the   gardens this year and that we need to have weekly work parties. Helen says that she will be in the garden every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00pm and invites others to join her.

           Next Meeting will be June 19th

Seed Savers Agenda Tuesday June 5, 2018: (Starting at 5:30 )

  1. Pruning Demonstration:

Meeting will start early at 5:30 for a demonstration of fruit tree pruning by Pam Tworig of North Branch Landscaping. Meet in front of the school.

  1. Grant Application Status and Budget Report:
  2. Church Bazaar Report:

Tomatoes for everyone! What can we do with unsold tomato plants?

  1. School Landscape and Garden Design: first steps; maps provided


  1. Next Meeting:


Seed Savers Minutes, May 15:

Church Bazaar 6/2/18:

Caroline told Diana that we want a table and we have a table reserved. $12 for the table.

We need volunteers for one hour each

        Caroline 10:00

Betty 11:00 – 12:00

Timothea 9:00

Stephen 9:00

Green Up Day Report

57 people participated in Green Up Day.  SVSS sold enough spider plants to cover the cost of the grow lights for the school. The eyeballs in the planters were a big hit.

We have a lot of spider plants left. For the church bazaar.

Seed saving this year: any commitments?

 Stephen – watermelons 2 varieties

Susan – has blue seed corn.  She is not going to grow corn this.

CJ – Will Grow Ruby Red Sorghum

School Garden Next Steps: we need to put our spring calendar together

  1. Repot plants week of 5/15?

Dave Bushika gave us about 100 pots for repotting.

Caroline will zap out a reminder to Hiedi about the planters.

Repotting will happen at our house on Thurs.  Betty will work from home

2. Mushroom walk? Who and when and where?

Additional possibilities

Sustainable poultry

How to build a raised bed garden    A Tuesday evening talk June 12

How to plant blueberries
3.  Work camps to build/plant/expand school/community gardens

We have to figure out what the overall plan for the garden is?

Blueberries go along the southwest corner of the tennis court.

Larry: has a suggestion for water. Build the shed and use rainwater to fill barrels.

June 5 we will design and plan the garden.

Seed Library: new container; where can we put it?

Library committee meets Wednesday, 6pm bring seed library.  Caroline will present    proposal for keeping the seeds in the library.

NEGEF Grant Status

We will know before the end of the month if we got the grant.  Then we will receive funds by the middle of the month.

Next meeting will be June 5th.

Seed Savers Agenda, May 15:

Church Bazaar 6/2/18 We need volunteers for one hour each

Green Up Day Report

Seed saving this year: any commitments?

School Garden Next Steps: we need to put our spring calendar together

  1. repot plants week of 6/15?
  2. church bazaar volunteers; do you have plants to donate to plant sale?
  3. mushroom walk? Who and when and where?
  4. work camps to build/plant/expand school/community gardens

SVSS Website info

Seed Library: new container; where can we put it?

NEGEF Grant Status

New business? Other?

Stamford VT Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, May 1

In attendance: Larry, Jennifer, Priscilla, Betty, Sheila Lawrence, Stephen, Helen

Announcements: Caroline has received 90# of potatoes and will make them available to SVSS members after she has distributed to others.

School Gardening Report: Outcomes of seed planting activities at Stamford Elementary. SG and HF taught 4 classes at Stamford Elementary School with all students. Eleven flats were planted for school, home and town flower and vegetables. NEGEF grant is in progress. We need to continue to build our communications and attendance for upcoming activities.

Seed Library: Progress report. CJ and Caroline are working on the case for seeds. We need to make the seeds available now.

Seed Production: Individual membership goals for 2018. Who is planting what for our Seed Savers plan. Jen wants native species which might be at risk of disappearing. Larry can get seeds from his uncle of large, flat pole beans (his sister has them). He plants them every year and wants to save them this year. “Larry’s Yellow Pole Beans.” Stephen will try personal watermelons. When ripe they turn yellow. It is reported that they are often too seedy, but delicious. Jen has Spanish peppers from Spain and will try to grow them (originally came from Mexico); pimentos du Padron. Sheila reports Valerie Dickerson at The Lane plants a giant flower pot with 5 veggies in one pot on her porch.

Stephen brought 2 flats of tomatoes started at the Firehouse; can you adopt a flat to keep alive since we are running out of space.



Green Up Day: Plans for outreach and fundraising. Helen, Betty and Bill Levine will sell plants at the June 2 Church Bazaar.

Jen has school volunteers who want to come and split perennials to sell at their school fundraiser. They will come and clean up your garden (moms and kids) . Larry has daylilies that they can come and dig them. Jen will contact Larry.

Larry says some places are planting milkweed to grow monarch butterfly. Larry has Joe Pieweed. He is not getting enough monarch.

Trees and Shrubs: Recent donation. Helen reports there was an anonymous donation of $300 to plant blueberry bushes on school grounds. We discussed where to plant. Blueberries like wet. Jen reports we need 3 varieties. Sheila says talk to Dottie and David Howes on Clayton or Barlow on The Lane. Larry and Sheila suggest set up the fencing and the poles first. Much with oak or pine chips. Dan also grows good blueberries. Acidy mulch.

Wish List: Lights etc. We need a shed. Compost (Larry’s sister has some when it dries).

New Business: Starting the school/community garden. Jen is willing to work with kids to plant peas, radishes, lettuce soon with Helen. Let’s plan a planting date with school; Jen, Angela and Larry will come help on another Mad Monday. Helen will discuss with the Principal. Can we coordinate with the Library Committee to have garden events this summer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 15 at 6pm in the Stamford Library. Bring a plan for workdays in the community garden.


Larry, Helen and Timothea will repot spider plants tomorrow after 4.

Jennifer will repot with Helen on Thursday noon to 2. Priscilla will come after 1:30.

This will be at Helen’s house 394 East Road.

Anyone that wants to join us is welcome!



Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, Wed. April 18th:

In attendance: Stephen, CJ, Betty, Caroline, Linda, Donna, Bill, Priscilla, Ruth and Timmie

Communication: We discussed the need to improve our communication process. It was decided that we would send 2 emails, one a week ahead of time, and a second 2 days ahead.  We also agreed to create a subscription list tied to the website that would notify members when a new announcement is posted. Stephen will contact Chris about the best way to do this. We want to give members an opt out clause, if they don’t want to receive announcements.

Seed Production:  We will be asking for volunteers to grow out open-pollinated plants for seed production.

Caroline will be receiving 80# of organic potatoes, which she distributes to friends and neighbors.  She will make leftovers available to Seed Savers.

Seed Library:  CJ has dimensions for seed bin, which he will provide to  Caroline. Caroline will discuss the possibility of placing the card catalog in the library with the appropriate authorities.

School Gardening Report:  Helen has been in touch with Micah and the school Ag Committee.  He is still very interested in working us to integrate the garden with curriculum.  We have the supplies that we need to get them started on seed germination when they get back from spring break.

Flower Box Project:  Caroline reported that Heidi wants to be involved in the flower box project and has been doing research to find out where they can be placed legally.  She is out of town till early May. We plan to have students starting flower seeds for the boxes, focusing on pollinator-friendly varieties.

Caroline would like to hand off the project to someone who is able to maintain the boxes during the summer.  Any volunteers?

Trees and Shrubs: We decided that there is not enough time to plant bare root plants for fundraising this year. CJ suggests that perhaps we could take orders for native trees and shrubs and place a bulk order.  There is strong interest in butternuts. Ruth has spoken to someone about gathering butternuts from their land in the fall. Maybe this is a fall project? CJ wants to graft a fruit tree with different varieties of fruit.  His brother-in-law is an arborist who could talk about grafting. Arbor day is the last Friday in April. Is this a project for next year?

Wish List: We discussed having a wish list for donations of tools and other supply items that we will need for the gardens and other activities.  We could post the wish list on the website and perhaps send out in a mailer through the school.

New Business:  Caroline is looking for a presentation on Thurs. May 3rd to preview green-up day.  The speaker from Williams that she had lined up is not available. What is happening with the idea of a mushroom workshop?  There is a select board meeting that night that would conflict with a presentation. Unresolved.

Fundraising :Adopt-a-Seedling. We will be sowing seeds to grow out for a fundraiser at the church bazaar in early June. Caroline will secure a table at the church bazaar.

Helen and Bill will have spider plants for sale on green up day.

Victoria will have sketches of the school gazebo on Friday evening at the fire station open to interested parties.

Next meeting will be in 2 weeks on Tuesday.

Stephen, Timmie, Priscilla and Donna stayed late to seed 8 trays of different tomato, pepper, and eggplant varieties, for a possible 256 plants for the fundraiser.  Stephen took them home to put under lights.


Seed Savers Meeting Wed. April 18th, 6:00 pm at the Fire Station


Fundraising :

Adopt-a-Seedling. We will be sowing seeds to grow out for a fund raiser at the church bazaar in early June.


Seed Production:

We will be asking for volunteers to grow out open-pollinated plants for seed production.

Seed Library:

School Gardening Report:

Flower Box Project:

Trees and Shrubs:

Wish List:

New Business:


Stamford Vt Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: April 3, 2017

In attendance: Helen Fields, Stephen Greene, CJ Vadnais, Betty Vadnais, Ruth West, Priscilla Tracy, Angela Brothers.

School Classes and seed germination

Helen is on the school’s agriculture committee and will meet with them to coordinate activities between SVSS and school classes.

The kindergarten reportedly wants to grow herbs in the courtyard.

Several teachers have expressed an interest in growing plants for the town’s flower boxes.  We have discussed helping with them by providing seeds of native flowers that benefit pollinators.

Betty V. expressed interest in planting native trees and shrubs on the school campus.  Ideas for woody plants include, butternuts, hazelnuts, blueberries, and others. She will do follow-up research.

C.J. V. suggests that we ask kids to gather recycled materials for growing plants such as paper cups, boxes, milk boxes, egg cartons …

Helen F. will call school tomorrow to set up a meeting. – Ruth W. will assist in this effort

NEGEF Grow Grant status

Unknown at this time.

It is our understanding that we are not tied to line items in the proposed budget and can make changes in response to arising needs.

The proposed watering system using a 12 volt pump and PV panels was discussed.  CJ says that he has oodles of rain barrels that could be used. He thinks that a ram pump or a rotary pump might be better options for a watering system.

Seed Library

CJ has a salvaged card catalog unit from a library that he is willing to donate.  It has about 20 sliding drawers that could accommodate seed packages and could fit on top of one of the low book shelves.   It would be great for organizing and storing seeds. We will need to make a request to the library committee for approval. Stephen will take the lead on this and work through Caroline.

School fencing and garden access

Chris W. contacted us to raise a concern about a fence that is being proposed for the school playground.  Helen will go to the select board and school principal this week to find out what is being proposed and request that vehicular access for the gardens is incorporated into the plans.

Seed Saving Volunteers

A call for SVSS members to think about growing for seed production led to the following information.

Susan successfully grew blue corn last year and may have seed.

Helen tried to grow green Oaxaca corn which did not have enough time to ripen.

Stephen tried to cross two strains of pumpkins naked seeded and pie pumpkins unsuccessfully because the flowering of the two varieties were out of sync.

CJ grew quinoa which was eaten by something

Joe also tried Quinoa which also got eaten

Stephen asks members to think about picking a crop variety that they would like to grow specifically for the seed library.  We will discuss this again at the next meeting.

Helen will try amaranth this year.

Ruth would like help starting a garden.

Perhaps we could schedule garden slams to create gardens for individuals.

Fund Raising

Plant sales

There is interest in selling plants later in the spring.  There is also concern that we would be competing with commercial growers, specifically Many Forks Farm.

Sharon (MFF) grows to plant starts to order. Orders should have been submitted by April 1,  but she may be selling additional plants. Helen will get in touch with her to find out how we can avoid overlapping interests.

Helen says that 8th grader, Nick Carpenter has agreed to work with us on a pumpkin project.

There is a spring plant sale in North Adams.  Do we want to start plants for that event?

Williamstown garden club hosts a fundraiser on May 26th with perennials.

We could each grow a few trays of something and sell at someone else’s event.

Stamford church bazaar is on the first Saturday of June, We could have a table at this event.

We will bring germination mix and trays to the next meeting to get plants started.

Tree sponsorships

People could donate money to sponsor trees or berry bushes on the school grounds in support of Betty’s native tree plans.

We could create an arboretum on school grounds with trees and shrubs that are sponsored by individuals or families.

Let’s grow American Chestnuts.

Helen will contact Johnny’s Seeds for catalogs to be used in school classes.

Additional Business

We are subscribed to Seed Savers. Org and will receive packets of seeds.

Betty will contact them to find out why we are not on their online map.

Betty will talk to Micah about planting sugar maples in school yard.

CJ suggests a grafted fruit basket tree.

Next meeting will be Wed. April 17 6:00 at the fire station.  We will be filling trays with seeds for propagation.