Seed Savers Minutes, May 15:

Church Bazaar 6/2/18:

Caroline told Diana that we want a table and we have a table reserved. $12 for the table.

We need volunteers for one hour each

        Caroline 10:00

Betty 11:00 – 12:00

Timothea 9:00

Stephen 9:00

Green Up Day Report

57 people participated in Green Up Day.  SVSS sold enough spider plants to cover the cost of the grow lights for the school. The eyeballs in the planters were a big hit.

We have a lot of spider plants left. For the church bazaar.

Seed saving this year: any commitments?

 Stephen – watermelons 2 varieties

Susan – has blue seed corn.  She is not going to grow corn this.

CJ – Will Grow Ruby Red Sorghum

School Garden Next Steps: we need to put our spring calendar together

  1. Repot plants week of 5/15?

Dave Bushika gave us about 100 pots for repotting.

Caroline will zap out a reminder to Hiedi about the planters.

Repotting will happen at our house on Thurs.  Betty will work from home

2. Mushroom walk? Who and when and where?

Additional possibilities

Sustainable poultry

How to build a raised bed garden    A Tuesday evening talk June 12

How to plant blueberries
3.  Work camps to build/plant/expand school/community gardens

We have to figure out what the overall plan for the garden is?

Blueberries go along the southwest corner of the tennis court.

Larry: has a suggestion for water. Build the shed and use rainwater to fill barrels.

June 5 we will design and plan the garden.

Seed Library: new container; where can we put it?

Library committee meets Wednesday, 6pm bring seed library.  Caroline will present    proposal for keeping the seeds in the library.

NEGEF Grant Status

We will know before the end of the month if we got the grant.  Then we will receive funds by the middle of the month.

Next meeting will be June 5th.