Intrepid Gardeners


Last Saturday, October 13th,  it was a cold and rainy day.  As a result, work on the garden was delayed until 12:00 pm.  In the end, a few dedicated volunteers  came to put the garden in order for next year’s season.  Some of the volunteers cleaned up the old beds, while others worked on building new beds. The boards had been cut to length, and were laid out out in advance; assembly moved quickly.  By the end of the two hours we had assembled the foundations for 4 new beds.

There will be one more work day on Oct. 27th to finish the work that has been started.


Healthy Potato Chips?

On Friday September 14th, Stephen Greene returned to the classroom to teach grades 6, 7, & 8 the fine art of making potato chips in a microwave oven using olive oil and a variety of spices. Students used the potatoes that they had harvested the previous week to make their own plate of potato chips using the spices of their choice. (Many students made more than one plate).  Students  also learned about the geographic origin of several food crops including potatoes, peppercorns, olives, and … potato chips (Saratoga Springs N.Y.).

Making Potato Chips po

When they were done the remaining potatoes were washed and turned over to the school cafeteria where they were happily received by Principal Hayre for use in the next week’s lunches.

Potato Harvest in Cafeteria


Compost at Last!

Compost pickup Sept 8

On September 8th Larry Potvin, Annah Boucher, Ken Boucher, & Stephen Greene worked to deliver three loads of compost to the garden site. The compost was donated by Diane and Nate Finney. It is excellent aged horse manure that we used with great success in this year’s school garden.

Harvesting the Garden

Summer is over and activities at the Seed Savers school garden have been gearing up. On September 7th Stephen Greene went into the classroom to supervise the harvest of our potato crop with the 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Students learned that potatoes are tubers, not roots, and we got to see first hand what this looked like when we dug up 65 lbs. of organic potatoes from two raised beds.

SES Students Harvest Potatoes

Students also harvested a substantial load of heirloom tomatoes that were delivered to the school cafeteria, where Cook Patty was thrilled to receive them, and used them in the salad bar this past week.

Heirloom tomatoes