Seed Savers Meeting 5/26/20 (Zoom)

Present: Stephen, Helen, Pat, Pam

Regrets: Carolyn

Seed Savers Meeting Agenda: May 26th

1a. Ben and Jerry’s grant: Pat Sullivan

Pat will send a grant application tomorrow; asking for $1500. She has included food workshops in food preservation; focus is on HarveStamford community supper. They respond within a month or so.

Pat also reported on Green Up Day that weather is 50%. She will be there 7:30am. We have access to the building. She will get two canopies from Bill and one from Susan. 

Grant was received from NEGEF today for $2,275. We had asked for $3500.

We are very thankful for the grant under the circumstances. Pam suggest we work on the shed and irrigation system as priorities.

Helen spent 3 hrs watering and weeding all beds, and uncovered and recovered them to prevent rabbit damage. Rabbits have eaten two beds. The lettuce bed has recovered. 

1b. Distributed Beds Final Report: Stephen reports we have delivered twelve beds and filled nine of them. We have 2 beds left to deliver and fill. Pam and Stephen have made this project work well and will finish.

2. Community Compost Update: Helen gave away /sold plants and people donated $400.

3. Green-Up Day Planning and Pam’s Victory Garden Next Steps. Stephen wants to use it to recruit people to work at Pam’s to plant on Saturday afternoon. She is at home in the afternoon.She will put the fabric down by the barn on Thursday. It will be ready to plant. The high will be 70degrees on Saturday. We can send out a notice this week to recruit. One to four. There is a porta-potty there. Helen will recruit at least 6 people. Pam will have beds ready by Friday.

5. Workshops ??? UVM wants to give us a seed saving workshop; Pat is asking B&J for $ for canning and dehydrating workshop. Joseph wants permaculture workshops. Stephen suggests we use the grant to set up a series of workshops; we had also discussed mushroom collection. Helen suggests a new gardener workshop; Stephen will work on putting a blog on the website.

6. Pam has more concrete based wooden signs to donate.

7. Helen is the new manager of the and we will do fundraisers.

8. Keith Bona made 2 Stamford Garden tee shirts; do we want to take orders?

Pam says they should be higher quality. We can come up with a design and take orders. They need to be catchy. Helen will ask people on Saturday what they think.

9. Helen will start a bed for Spike, an elder on Main Road.

10. Next meeting: We will begin to meet every 2 weeks: June 9 at 6pm.