Seed Library Database:  The Stamford Seed Savers Collection of open-pollinated and hybrid seeds will be available soon at the Stamford Town Library.  Although we call it a seed library nobody expects patrons to return the seeds that are checked out.  Access to the seed bank is open to the community on a first come basis.  Take what you need and if you have unused seeds make them available to our local growers.

Planning a Vegetable Garden? Here are a variety of online tools that can be used to plan and manage a successful garden.

Soil Survey : Operated by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). This interactive website has soil maps and data availablefor more than 95 percent of the nation’s counties.  Find out about your soil type and its capabilities –

Frost Dates: Find out when the first and last frost dates are most likely to occur for your location, and how long you growing season should be.

Plant Hardiness Zones : Many seed companies indicate the range of hardiness zones that are most appropriate for a specific plant variety.

Calculators to Schedule Planting Dates:

Seed Starting Calculator: Plan when to sow seeds or transplants based on your estimated last frost date.

Seed Starting/Succession Planting/Harvest Date Etc. Calculators : Johnny’s Selected Seeds offers an array of planning tools for the home gardener and commercial growers.

Printable Planting Chart: High Mowing Seeds

Pest and Disease Identification:

Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool: A well organized, comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate interactive tool for identifying garden pests and disease.

Northeast Vegetable and Strawberry Pest Identification Guide: A comprehensive pictorial guide to garden pests and diseases in the Northeast.

Seed Saving:

A great place to start learning about seed saving is Seed Saver’s Exchange.

Slide Presentations:

Head Start Workshop