Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: June 23

1. Food for the People Report: We are delivering food on Wed at 8:30am at Al Nelson food distribution. Priscilla will try to help harvest.

2.  State of the Gardens

                        a. School: We are harvesting beautiful veggies for the food pantry/ we have a ground hog who has eaten brussel sprouts, red cabbage, lettuce and strawberries. We baited a Havahart and they don’t like tuna, so now it is baited with cantaloupe. Stephen purchased a pump and working on getting parts to pump out from the tank to the beds. We are two fittings away. We need to replant several beds of green beans, etc. We will replant on Saturday morning at 9:30am to 10:30am. 

                        b. Blueberry Gardens. Last weekend with Larry, Bev, Stephen and Helen we have a drip irrigation on this garden. You just need to lift the handle to water the entire garden with minimal waste of water. This was a major accomplishment. We have extra drip tape (3000’) and it is available for a donation to Seed Savers. Whitney’s is helping us significantly. 

                        c. Potato Field. (Butterfly Garden): Stephen is still watering by hand; goal is to put drip tape on that field as well; possibly this coming Saturday. Larry and Stephen made another onion bed, and we made hills for squash but now realize we want rows for drip tape, so we will rebuild them and plant butternut squash on Saturday. We will need to start hilling the potato plants. We also need an electric fence built and could use help.

Plan for future helpers: We can notify people of a Saturday morning. We can ask for help at the school garden as well. Caroline will think about how to get a list of helpers to the leaders.

Bill discussed a plan for getting his rototiller back into the shop. We will take it back to the mechanic. He will arrange a time for the mechanic to come look at it.

Bill will help Stephen work on the water pump system when Stephen is ready.

Interview report: Helen and Stephen will publish an interview of NEGEF intern, and members will read/listen and approve for public presentation.

Next meeting: Tuesday July 7, 2020 at 6pm via zoom.