Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2019

Attending: Jen Hughes, Pam Tworig, Linda Hughes, Terry Stimson,  Larry Potvin, Stephen Greene, Caroline Burch, Helen Fields, Priscilla Tracy, CJ Vadnais, Betty Vadnais, Jen Ryan                                                                                                                                                Snack = Mcvitee’s HobNobs


  • Approval of Minutes from March 26, 2019


“There is a lot of good stuff here.”  Minutes approved


  • Planning of Seed Sharing Event: Saturday, April 13th at fire house


    Flyers handed out for distribution. PSA’s have gone out to iBershires and the Berkshire  Eagle.

Whose coming? Stephen, CJ, Jen H., Helen

Note: Pam will be supervising tree planting in North Adams (Northern berkshire Community Coalition)

Terry will take seeds to start at home.

Get there at 9:30

Seeds need to be alphabetized in expanding folders prior to event.  Get in touch with Helen about when to do this.

Helen will send a notice of the event through the school to parents of school children.

Terry will bring coffee maker and coffee to the firehouse.

Bring coffee mugs from home instead of paper.

We will plant seedlings for fundraising during / afterwards.

Pam has plant pots that she wants to give away and hoops for a small hoop house.  Jen, Terry, Helen, and Stephen will look at the hoop house, tomorrow at 1:00.

Terry can bring some tools and a truck and her Husband to help disassemble the hoop house.

We have about 100 new seed varieties from various sources.

We should also have a procedure for people to leave seeds at the event or at the town offices foyer.

CJ brought A-Frame Sign which we will setup tonight. (Done)

Pam also has additional equipment related to seed starting for the school.

Arrive by 9:30 on the day of


  • Day in the Dirt: Saturday April 27th  10 am – 2 pm


Building of garden beds etc..  Everything is in place to complete the new beds.

Now that there is a gate, CJ can bring his tractor with a bucket to fill the beds.

If we can finish the garden beds we will start work on the shed.

Work can also continue on Green-up Day.  There will be a dance event that evening.


  • Bulletin Board


Stephen has purchased materials and is building a bulletin board which will be

mounted at entrance to the school to improve communication.  Location was

chosen by the school principal and approved by the selectboard. It should be

done within the next two weeks.


  • School Activities Check-in


    A planting activity will take place with all classes at end of April.  This will include

Helen, Stephen, Larry, Terry and Jen.


  • Finance Report


We have received 187.50 in donations through the VCGN website so far, which will be matched by VCGN. They will match up to $250 for a total of $500.

Additional Notes:

Helen is planning to organize a one week summer camp in July that will culminate with the community dinner that is being planned for July 20th.

Helen recently visited the Hawlemont School to see their agricultural program, which has been very successful.  We should have a presentation about the their program in Stamford. Helen will contact the principal about coming to Stamford to make a presentation.

There will be an all board meeting on Thurs. the 24th?

Next Meeting on April 23rd.