Stamford Vermont Seed Savers, Meeting Minutes: 3/12/19



Helen, Caroline, Susan, Larry, Pat, Bill, Terry, Stephen, Victoria, Jen (Librarian)


  1. Grant status
    1. NEGEF gave us a second grant of $3250 last Spring. We have $1500 remaining. Stephen and Larry drew schemes for a shed and priced out wood. Shed is 6×12 with extended roof 18’ beyond shed. Capable of rain water harvest. Larry reports on wood pricing of HP Lumber would be $835. APPROVED paying HP Lumber for this purchase. Still need roofing and hardware in addition to that. We have already purchased and delivered all bed wood. Next year’s grant suggestions:
      1. Greenhouse
      2. Raspberries
      3. Bulletin boards
      4. Fruit trees
      5. Wildflower boxes for pollinators
      6. Speaker series (library events)
      7. Tools donated


    1. VCGN. grant tomorrow
    2. Shed and watering systems: see grant
    3. Events
      1. Outdoor Dinner Party (Community Building Committee)
        1. “Stamford Summer Dinner” in front of school/parking lot and rain date in gym.
        2. All community event. Bring your own table and tablecloth; build a rectangular quilt of tables; we ask people to bring their harvest to eat; we provide some corn, soups, potato and tomato; bring your own picnic.
        3. July 20, 2019 Saturday tentative date.
        4. Transportation to gardens for garden activities; hayride; vote for your favorite garden bed with prize for winner. To bring interest to the gardens.

Seed Swap April 13 Bill will check dates

Plant Starts for fundraising: flowers, annuals, herbs, brassicas

Caroline can get mini-meadow author to donate seed packets.


We need groups in community to recruit attenders.

Day in the Dirt: April 27 build beds Bill will check dates

Classroom activities Larry and Terry will help with this.

Green up day. We will have a table there. Promote composting at home. We can sell plants again. Outreach table. Branch out with other plants. If anyone wants a table to sell their products they are welcome to do so. We can give away seeds. Terry wants to make raspberry jam. Tyna Senecal sells maple syrup. GUD will contact her.

Church Bazaar: We need a point person for this. Caroline will ask about this. Can we make announcements at St. John Bosco.

Outdoor dinner party: Community Building

August: Food processing workshop? Ask McCann if they offer the class. SG is interested in FOod Handlers; ;Terry is also.

Other workshops?

Harvest event at school

  1. Seed Saving. Bill has a wheat grinder. Used to grind whole wheat and corn in his stone mill. Susan grew blue corn and will bring it to next meeting.
  2. Community Building: Pat described plans for a Stamford Outdoor Summer Supper this summer (possibly July).


  1. New business



  1. Community Building meeting tomorrow 3/13/19 at Stamford Elementary School.
  2. Caroline has a Timber Press Seed Saving Book and mushroom books.How can we use these and have access
  3. We can plan a mushroom walk soon.

AFTERNOTE: We did not mention that we need a workcamp on 5/11/19 to continue work on the new shed. This is Mothers Day Weekend so we were wondering if people want to also have a SVSS breakfast and workcamp?