Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: Sept. 25

  1. Report on recent activities: In the classroom and in the garden:

Delivery of compost by Larry Potvin, Annah Boucher, Ken Boucher, & Stephen Greene, donated by Diane and Nate Finney. It is excellent aged horse manure that we used with great success in this year’s school garden.

We were able to harvest 65 pounds of potatoes from two of the beds that were planted by children in the spring. The following week SG taught grades 6, 7, & 8 how to make potato chips in a microwave using olive oil and a variety of spices. Students were responsible for identifying the geographic origin of several plants including potatoes, peppercorns, olives, and … potato chips (Saratoga Springs N.Y.) Worksheet will be posted on website.

2. Scheduling of a workday:  Work that needs to be done includes the construction of additional beds and a tool shed.

It needs to happen in the next 30 days on a Saturday.

It was agreed that we will have work days on the 13th and the 27th of Oct.

Announce that work will be happening at the garden on the 13th and if we need more work time (which we will) we will carry it over to the 27th.

3. Garden design discussion.

We have agreed to proceed with the construction of the garden beds based on a more classical design worked out using cardboard models to experiment with bed designs.

It was decided that the best location for a tool shed would be in the northwest corner. The new beds will fill in the space between the existing beds and the proposed location for the tool shed. The tool shed should include a roofed extension for shade and shelter. The roof should be designed to collect rainwater. Perhaps we relocate the water tank for collection.

Stephen and Larry will lay out the lines for bed location in advance of work day. Boards will be measured and cut and delivered in groups for assembly.

Weed Barrier and lag bolts will need to be purchased.

4. Farm to School Grant: We have the opportunity to apply for a grant that will help:

  • make the Stamford school garden program more sustainable
  • support other schools in the school district to create additional garden programs
  • bring more locally grown fresh produce into our school cafeterias
  • Work with teachers to integrate gardening and nutrition into their curriculum

We agreed that it would be in our interest to apply for this grant.

5. Discussion of how to renew, expand and maintain enthusiasm for Seed Savers activities over the long term.

Invite families of school kids to participate.

Serve food.

Call on friends to help.

Get the word out well in advance.