Stamford Vermont Seed Savers, Meeting Minutes: Tuesday 3/26/19

Bernice, Stephen, Helen, Caroline, Larry, CJ, Betty, Terry, Micah, and Jen


  • Welcome and Hearing of the Visitors
  • Reading and Approval of old Minutes  (Approved)
  • Discussion:
  • Grants status (statuses, stati, stata?)


      1. VCGN $500 and new online matching fundraiser info SVSS Matching Fund Donation Link: please view!

We asked for $1,000 – We received $500 with the possibility of another $250 matching funds for a possible total of $1,000, which includes the matching funds.  Matching fund donations must be made through the website. See a Seed Saver member if you need access to a computer and want to donate; we can help you do that.  Caroline will send e-mail requests.

  • NEGEF: what we asked for and how you can help make it real



We asked for everything that was in the minutes from the previous meeting (March 9).

We will need more 2×4’s for the shed than the previous estimate.

We need a raspberry planting date for donations of plants.  We will need to request permission from the selectboard. Caroline suggested we ask townfolk for additional local raspberry donations.

After talking to Micah we have determined that we will put up a bulletin board on the outside wall to the right before entering the building, under the eave.


  • 4/13/19 Seed Swap plan:  place?


Volunteers: Bernie, Helen, CJ, Stephen, Priscilla?,  and Joe? Others? We need more.

Can we use the firehouse again?  – CJ will speak to Bill Levine to see if he has requested the date.

We will also start plants at the seed swap.

Caroline will include the Seed Saver’s website link and encourage people to sign up when she sends the request for donations.

Terry will seed plants at home; Larry, too. Bernie volunteered her brother Leon to also help plant and tend plants.

Caroline has hundreds of 4” pots that she could donate.


  • 4/27/19 Day in the Dirt 10am-2pm: Build beds; clean gardens…



  • 5/3/19 Classroom planting at SES (Helen, Stephen and others)


Also Jen Ryan, Terry and Larry volunteered;  SVSS will cover the cost of fingerprinting;

We will buy shelving for in school lights.


  • 5/4/19 GREEN UP DAY! We table and sell plants


We want to recruit more volunteers for Green Up Day.  How about a treasure hunt for the kids (in the garden).

There will be another Rock and Roll Dance that night.  Maybe the dance/Seed Savers could offer a $2 discount to first timer Green Up Day volunteers.


  • 5/11/19 Mothers’ Day “Breakfast in (Garden) Bed.” Breakfast and coffee for anyone who shows up, with or without their mother, to build  garden beds!


Call the event Mother’s Day Breakfast ‘n Beds.


  • SES Agriculture Committee report


Grant request for a small greenhouse: Interest in composting program to compost food waste on site.

Plan for seed planting with kids in class on 5/3.  Return on June 7 for planting.

Looked at School Curriculum, there are a ton of opportunities to integrate.

Use reading buddies to do activities, i.e. planting.

Terry – Suggested educational poster board at food waste and related science projects.

Helen – Planning a one week summer garden camp.  Possibly 9 – 2:30 (School schedule) The week before the community dinner, which could become a culminating event.  She will put out a survey to the parents and kids.

Micah is able to send informational flyers home with kids.


  • Flower boxes in Stamford


Possible pollinator project in school in the fall.  Flowers will be pollinator friendly and could include informational signs.




We have $1,000 for a large Jorga composter.  Our goal is to be able to compost school food waste on site.

Bernie is sponsoring a second 50s dance in May with the same band.  We discussed a June Event; a strawberry picnic with chicken tenders and strawberry shortcake as a fundraiser for SVSS.


  • NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 4/9/19 at 6pm in Library (2 weeks from today)


~Agenda includes plan for imminent Seed Swap on 4/13/19.


Bernie has a pop-up canopy for outdoor activities.

CJ wants to know “Do Students study the solar system?”   He is interested in integrating a garden sundial project with the school.