Stamford Vt Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, June 19th:

1. School Programming:  Report on activities in the classrooms of Stamford Elementary School; Angela showed her photo of her children’s garden made because of their love of the garden lessons.

Members enjoyed looking over the gardens planted by students, and Linda weeded while talking.

2.Work Plans:

  • Work and Watering Schedule

Although it rained very much last night, it was still somewhat dry.  SG found a water tank for about $100. CJ might be willing to fill it from fire truck to get started.

It will be elevated so that we can use a hose to water beds from the tank.

And we need a submersible pump to put in the stream. Chris Kilfoyle will volunteer labor and minor parts, as well as advice. SG will send him the info. Details in discussion followed.

Here who says they will water: Caroline, Lynn, Larry and Priscilla will help.

  • Entry to Tennis Court – Delivery of Compost;

once fence is cut, and compost delivered, we can insert the water tank.     Larry, Joe and Stephen evaluated the fence issue. We agreed to go through the middle; SG has hardware to start this project. We plan to make it as child safe as possible. We can start tomorrow (Wednesday).

  • Additional garden beds: wood ready; we will wait until the gate is done; we are getting fifteen 12 footers instead of 10 footers from Mark and Larry. They will only charge us for 10 footers.
  • Watering System: SG getting a 275 gal. tank; we will talk to Mark about how to build it. Larry will look around for some lumber.
  • Tool Shed: we need one for the tools and equipment.
  • Sundial
  • Strawberry beds: we need to think about what we are planting. We want what ties into the school curriculum and lunch program, etc. If we have a few more beds, we can have a school strawberry party. Cherry tomatoes in the beginning of the year; potatoes for fall. What do we want to grow in the next beds. Ask seniors if they want their own beds.

Fall Harvest Plans: We should have a summer party or three for the community(Larry’s birthday, tool shed commissioning; summer reading program; harvest festival)

New Business:  

  1. SG wants emergency contact of people; Caroline adds emails. Chris Warren used to have it. It goes out to over 50 people.
  2. Joseph talked to GMP about spraying weeds; they are now restrained with what they can do; they now smear trunks of trees with weed killer instead of spraying; this seems to be an important.

Next Meeting: July 3, 2018; bring food from your gardens; we will eat and meet.