Seed Savers Meeting Minutes Tuesday June 5, 2018:

Present: Stephen, Helen, Timmie, Pam, Ruth, Betty, Larry, Caroline, Ann, Victoria, Angela, Laurie, Jen, Priscilla, and Susan.

Pruning Demonstration:

Pam Tworig shared her expertise in the principles of tree pruning, using the crab apples in front of the school.

Grant Application Status and Budget Report:

 NEGEF has posted that we have been granted $3,250, but we are awaiting official notification. We made $135 at the church bazaar selling heirloom tomatoes.  Seed Saver members can take home whatever tomatoes they want from the remainders.

Church Bazaar Report:

Discussed above.

School Landscape and Garden Design: first steps; maps provided

Discussion: We need to identify the goals.  Entrance to school is one area.Principal Hayre’s idea is to have flowers around the school.   He is open to anything else.

Ideas include: edible landscaping,  native trees and shrubs.                                              Access to the gardens need to be considered

Pat- wants to see an integrated plan.

There are two areas of focus, the gardens on the tennis court and the larger school property.

The most time critical decision will be to decide on the placement of the blueberry bushes.  Placing blueberries along the west side of the tennis courts in a single line along the fence will allow us to hang netting over them from the fence.  The selectboard has already approved this placement.

Four grafted lilacs are being given to the school from North Branch Landscaping.  Lilacs need to be placed carefully, they are beautiful in the right place, but could look odd if planted in the wrong spot.  They are eye-catching and might look good in front of the school. Pam says that they are rooted in place and could stay there for a while.

Stephen will draw up initial plans for garden design and submit to group for commentary and revision.

Next Meeting:

Helen and Stephen say that there is going to be a lot of work to do on the   gardens this year and that we need to have weekly work parties. Helen says that she will be in the garden every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:00pm and invites others to join her.

           Next Meeting will be June 19th