Zoom Meeting Minutes: April 15

Attendees: Helen, Stephen, CJ, Caroline, Betty, Pat, & Deborah

Community Outreach Plans –  Letter and Public Service Announcement

Helen is organizing the phone tree and is preparing to write a letter that will go out to the town about the phone tree and will include info about seed savers projects.  The selectboard has approved the letter. We are paying for half of the expense and Mike D. has agreed to pay for the rest.

Eleanor Kilfoyle is making masks. Is this also something for the letter?

Sue Landry is also making masks.  She is putting them out for people to take.  She is prepared to make more but needs elastic.

The PSA is ready to go out.  Caroline will send the appropriate contact information to me, Stephen, to send out to the press, etc..

Helen talked to Jamie O. and  … at the food coop today and they are interested in being put on the mailing list.  Helen encourages everyone to talk to people that they know about our activities and opportunities to start gardens.

Helen will talk to Deb about getting her garden started tomorrow am.

Seed Library –  order/pickup seeds Update

People can call or email Helen to place an order of seeds.  Helen will put together the orders and arrange for pick up at our garage.

It would be a good project for kids.  We will be able to notify parents about this option through the school as per Micah.

Seedlings for Stamford – Setup and procedure Update

H & S have about a dozen flats of spinach, chard, cabbage,. lettuce etc. that will be available to go in the school garden or to other gardens that are ready to receive them.

CJ has built a greenhouse.  It is 12 x 10. he is concerned about nighttime temperatures at the moment as it is unheated.  He has tomatoes 6-10 inches tall. H & S have a heat mat that we can share. Some of his materials are recycled from a previous greenhouse.

Distributed Garden Beds – Update

We are working on this, Deb is one of our first customers.

We need to get the lumber this week, so that we start delivering the beds when people are ready.

Community Garden Space – Update, procedure for working in gardens, scheduling etc.

The canopy that we set up at the garden was destroyed in the wind that came up on Saturday.

CJ thinks that he has a frame that might work to replace the canopy.

Caroline “mantissed-?” one of the beds, but her mantis pooped out.  Roger is working on fixing it.

What is the situation with the potatoes?  We have 150 lbs. coming from . . . FEDCO.  They will be delivered in mid-April to a pick-up point in Manchester.  Could we have a potato planting workshop?  We could provide the potatoes to attenders. There has been no movement on planting at Pam Tworig’s.  Perhaps we could do the Potato workshop at Pam’s in May if we practice distancing.   This would get the potatoes planted and help people who are unfamiliar with potatoes.

We do not want to plant too soon.  When do we want to do this? Perhaps in early May.  Green Up Day has been postponed till the end of May.

Community Compost Plan – Collecting and Distributing Update

Larry was going to help load manure from Diane Phinney’s, but he became indisposed.

Chip was going to donate manure but his truck got stuck in the mud today.

As soon as we get the compost we will add it to the beds.  Stephen will contact Caroline to let her knows when the beds are ready to be tilled.

Deb has a pile of manure.  That she is willing to donate, but she has no tractor to load it .  We need to find someone who can load it for us.

Are we going to stockpile compost at the tennis court?  The tennis court is awkward for people to access.

Perhaps it would be better if we could just coordinate between the people who have it, and those who need it.

Caroline is interested in having Dan Potvin till a garden space with his tractor.

Deb: How about a workshop on freezing and canning as well?  This is something that has come up in the past let’s keep it in mind for the future.

Meeting adjorned.  Same time next week.