Meeting Minutes: April 7

In attendance: Stephen, Helen, Caroline, Deborah, Bill

  1. Seed Library –  How to order/pickup seeds

H: We have set-up the seed collection at our garage.  We are taking orders from people and leaving them in the garage  for pick-up. The list of seeds that are available can be found on our website.  Call or send an email to Helen and she will fill the order and have it available at her garage (394 East Rd.).

  1. Seedlings for Stamford – Setup and procedure

We have a few people who are starting plants,  Lois Bono, Caroline, The Tatro’s, Helen and Stephen.  Jen Munoz from North Adams Community Gardens came for lights so that she could grow seedlings for her gardens.

We have Remay for bed covers,  and we have ordered wire for hoops, which should arrive later this week.  Jessica and Evan Tatro have turned over all of the beds at the school garden.

We have set up a “potting shed” in the garage for anyone who would like to come by and start some trays for germination.

We can transplant starts into the garden or we can make them available for donations.

CJ has built a 10’x12’ greenhouse and has room for additional seedlings as well.

  1. Distributed Garden Beds – Update

Since we have a donation of wood for 5 beds from the Potvins, we could provide at least 5 beds to people who have been requested them.

If we are keeping up with the work we might be able to do more beds.

  1. Community Garden Space – School update, procedure for working in gardens, scheduling

We are making beds at the school garden available to people in the community.  Betsy Harrington has signed up for one of the beds. We have erected a canopy over a picnic table and left a white board for communication.  Beds are available for individuals to adopt for home use and for sharing with others. We have eleven beds in total that are available.

  1. Community Compost Plan – Collecting and Distributing

We will be collecting compost in town to stockpile at the tennis court.

Danny is getting his dump truck repaired and will be available to pickup cured compost soon.

Deborah has a manure pile that is available, but it might not be ready for gardens until next year.  The Lovetts have a lot of aged horse manure that they would like to get rid of before they move out of their property.  Diane Phinney also has a large amount of aged manure that we are welcome to. Larry has agreed to meet us to help load our truck on Friday at 9:00 am.

  1. Community Outreach Plans –  Letter and Public Service Announcement

We were given permission by the selectboard to send out a letter about our activities as well as information about a phone tree that is being created by Helen for communication within the town.  When it is completed we should be able to contact households to assess needs.

We are also writing an article that we want to submit to the Berkshire Eagle for publication as a means of spreading the word about our activities and resources that are available.  Stamford Informed is another venue. Stephen will run it by Caroline for review before sending it out.

Next Meeting

Next week we will meet again via Zoom, same time and place (in the cloud?)

Meeting adjourned.  Bye-bye