Stamford VT Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, May 1

In attendance: Larry, Jennifer, Priscilla, Betty, Sheila Lawrence, Stephen, Helen

Announcements: Caroline has received 90# of potatoes and will make them available to SVSS members after she has distributed to others.

School Gardening Report: Outcomes of seed planting activities at Stamford Elementary. SG and HF taught 4 classes at Stamford Elementary School with all students. Eleven flats were planted for school, home and town flower and vegetables. NEGEF grant is in progress. We need to continue to build our communications and attendance for upcoming activities.

Seed Library: Progress report. CJ and Caroline are working on the case for seeds. We need to make the seeds available now.

Seed Production: Individual membership goals for 2018. Who is planting what for our Seed Savers plan. Jen wants native species which might be at risk of disappearing. Larry can get seeds from his uncle of large, flat pole beans (his sister has them). He plants them every year and wants to save them this year. “Larry’s Yellow Pole Beans.” Stephen will try personal watermelons. When ripe they turn yellow. It is reported that they are often too seedy, but delicious. Jen has Spanish peppers from Spain and will try to grow them (originally came from Mexico); pimentos du Padron. Sheila reports Valerie Dickerson at The Lane plants a giant flower pot with 5 veggies in one pot on her porch.

Stephen brought 2 flats of tomatoes started at the Firehouse; can you adopt a flat to keep alive since we are running out of space.



Green Up Day: Plans for outreach and fundraising. Helen, Betty and Bill Levine will sell plants at the June 2 Church Bazaar.

Jen has school volunteers who want to come and split perennials to sell at their school fundraiser. They will come and clean up your garden (moms and kids) . Larry has daylilies that they can come and dig them. Jen will contact Larry.

Larry says some places are planting milkweed to grow monarch butterfly. Larry has Joe Pieweed. He is not getting enough monarch.

Trees and Shrubs: Recent donation. Helen reports there was an anonymous donation of $300 to plant blueberry bushes on school grounds. We discussed where to plant. Blueberries like wet. Jen reports we need 3 varieties. Sheila says talk to Dottie and David Howes on Clayton or Barlow on The Lane. Larry and Sheila suggest set up the fencing and the poles first. Much with oak or pine chips. Dan also grows good blueberries. Acidy mulch.

Wish List: Lights etc. We need a shed. Compost (Larry’s sister has some when it dries).

New Business: Starting the school/community garden. Jen is willing to work with kids to plant peas, radishes, lettuce soon with Helen. Let’s plan a planting date with school; Jen, Angela and Larry will come help on another Mad Monday. Helen will discuss with the Principal. Can we coordinate with the Library Committee to have garden events this summer.

Next meeting is Tuesday, May 15 at 6pm in the Stamford Library. Bring a plan for workdays in the community garden.


Larry, Helen and Timothea will repot spider plants tomorrow after 4.

Jennifer will repot with Helen on Thursday noon to 2. Priscilla will come after 1:30.

This will be at Helen’s house 394 East Road.

Anyone that wants to join us is welcome!