Green Up Day 2018 Stamford Vermont

by Helen Fields

May 7, 2018

Rainy, blustery cold weather did not deter a record-breaking 52 families from participating in Stamford’s Green Up Vermont Day this year! We collected a truckload of green bags, and families and friends picked up their bags empty and brought them back full, with the promise of hot coffee, cocoa and donuts on their return.

Green Up Day 1.jpg

As the sun burst through, workers enjoyed a presentation by local artist and art historian/educator Victoria Jefferies, who walked us through the possible designs of a Community Building on the spot where we stood. Victoria answered many good questions and took notes on ideas from people, inviting Stamfordians to the meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at 6pm in the Stamford Elementary School. They discussed locations, safety and designs which fit the architecture of the town, library and school. The Building Committee hopes people will continue to attend the meetings and give their valued input.

Seed Sowing 4

Stamford Vermont Seed Savers also offered a table of plants for donations to the Lights! Project started at Stamford Elementary School this week.  Seed Savers were invited by Principal Hayre, and the SES Agriculture Committee teachers, to plant about 700 seeds with every student in every classroom, on Mad Mondays Special Activity Day. Then they set up light stands so that children in each classroom could monitor, care for and watch their plants grow. Each student planted seeds for school gardens, home gardens, town flower boxes and one seed of their choice. The K/1 seedlings were on display for families to see.


Several Seed Savers members repotted spider plants, grown by members, and a new member used her florist experience to make beautiful bows and eyeballs for each plant. These “Watch Plants” will clean up toxins from the indoor air, and donors took home plants for Green Up Day and for Mothers Day. Betty Vadnais donated her San Marzano paste tomato seedlings, and several people were very pleased to take them home as well.

Seed Sowing 3

A good time was had by all! Be sure to come to the Stamford Community Church Bazaar on Saturday, June 2. SVSS will have many varieties of plants for sale there, as a fundraiser for the community/school gardens. There will be many varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and other choices. We will meet again on Tuesday, May 15 at 6pm in the Town Library. Please join us if you want to participate in these and other projects.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and for helping to keep Stamford a strong local, sustainable and caring community!

Green Up Day 2