Meeting Minutes: March 31

In attendance: Helen, Stephen, Caroline, Pam, Deborah, Sharon

1. Seed Library – Placement, Permission and Process

Options were the school lobby, out front under a tent, in our garage or be special order. We discussed setting up the seed file in front of the school with a makeshift roof or moving down there a specific time (a weekend).   Pam Questioned if it is worth the labor? We could keep it at our garage and people could put in orders for pick up. Maybe we could just put it out for a weekend. If we could take orders we could control the process and make it safer.  Decision to put a process in place for ordering seeds on the website and notify people about the opportunity for seeds through various means.

2. Seedlings for Stamford – Who, What, Why and How

We are looking for volunteers to grow seedling for the school garden and for others.

Stephen and Helen have started some flats.  Deb has a window that she could use.

3. Distributed Garden Beds –  Outreach and Logistics

The cost would be $75 for a bed.  Pam: Should we not focus our energy on growing foods rather than spreading our labor too thinly.  Caroline: What would we Grow at Pams? How do we control and limit the number of people showing up?  Pam has weed barrier for a large area. Helen spoke with Danny. He has a tractor tiller and is willing to till for other people.  Deborah has an area that she would like to have tilled. Stephen: Sees the beds as a long range goal rather that a response to the immediate crisis.  Helen is willing to take it on to see who is interested. Micah said that he would be willing to push it out to families to see if they are interested.

4. Community Garden Space – Ramping up the school garden – Do we have the people power to manage additional community garden space at North Branch Landscaping?

Garden cleanup at the school needs to start soon, turning the beds etc..  The tool shed is unlocked and accessible. People need to show up and do the work.  We will need a white board and signage to communicate what needs to happen next.

5. Needs Assessment – How do we best identify the needs of the community? There was an implication from Micah that there are families that might be interested in fresh food.  Helen has purchased $400 of produce from Mighty Foods. We want to grow food for the people that need it. Sally knows people who need assistance. Three questions for a needs assessment; Do you need seeds? Do you need help with the garden? Do you need fresh food?

We could ask the pastors if they know anybody in need of food.

We are walking a fine line with privacy.  Can we figure out a way to do this without crossing boundaries.

H: We will dedicate beds to different foods,  We will put up a white board at the garden under the canopy.    We could anchor the canopy to the fence to keep it in place.

There are elders who are unaware that they should not be going into town to shop.

We still don’t know how to reach everyone.

6. New Business

We have applied for another grant for $3500.  The grantors want to know if and how the grant request may have changed due to the COVID19 crisis.  H: We think that we should ask for more food for compost, fertilizer, and weed barrier. The summer camp was going to be self-funded.  Our focus has mainly shifted to food production for those in need.

C: Do we have the means to cover the beds? S: Sharon has vented row cover which she has offered. And we are looking to purchase 9 gauge wire to make low tunnels over the beds.

C: Heidi and Ken have said that they are ready to pitch in in some way.

Talk it up. Tell people about our efforts.  Recruit your friends.

We will continue to meet like this (online) every week for the time being.

There have been reports from the FBI of people hacking into Zoom accounts.  Should we change venues? C; We are small potatoes. It does not seem likely.  S: I will not post the link on the website.

  • Meeting adjourned!