Seed Savers Meeting Minutes, Wed. April 18th:

In attendance: Stephen, CJ, Betty, Caroline, Linda, Donna, Bill, Priscilla, Ruth and Timmie

Communication: We discussed the need to improve our communication process. It was decided that we would send 2 emails, one a week ahead of time, and a second 2 days ahead.  We also agreed to create a subscription list tied to the website that would notify members when a new announcement is posted. Stephen will contact Chris about the best way to do this. We want to give members an opt out clause, if they don’t want to receive announcements.

Seed Production:  We will be asking for volunteers to grow out open-pollinated plants for seed production.

Caroline will be receiving 80# of organic potatoes, which she distributes to friends and neighbors.  She will make leftovers available to Seed Savers.

Seed Library:  CJ has dimensions for seed bin, which he will provide to  Caroline. Caroline will discuss the possibility of placing the card catalog in the library with the appropriate authorities.

School Gardening Report:  Helen has been in touch with Micah and the school Ag Committee.  He is still very interested in working us to integrate the garden with curriculum.  We have the supplies that we need to get them started on seed germination when they get back from spring break.

Flower Box Project:  Caroline reported that Heidi wants to be involved in the flower box project and has been doing research to find out where they can be placed legally.  She is out of town till early May. We plan to have students starting flower seeds for the boxes, focusing on pollinator-friendly varieties.

Caroline would like to hand off the project to someone who is able to maintain the boxes during the summer.  Any volunteers?

Trees and Shrubs: We decided that there is not enough time to plant bare root plants for fundraising this year. CJ suggests that perhaps we could take orders for native trees and shrubs and place a bulk order.  There is strong interest in butternuts. Ruth has spoken to someone about gathering butternuts from their land in the fall. Maybe this is a fall project? CJ wants to graft a fruit tree with different varieties of fruit.  His brother-in-law is an arborist who could talk about grafting. Arbor day is the last Friday in April. Is this a project for next year?

Wish List: We discussed having a wish list for donations of tools and other supply items that we will need for the gardens and other activities.  We could post the wish list on the website and perhaps send out in a mailer through the school.

New Business:  Caroline is looking for a presentation on Thurs. May 3rd to preview green-up day.  The speaker from Williams that she had lined up is not available. What is happening with the idea of a mushroom workshop?  There is a select board meeting that night that would conflict with a presentation. Unresolved.

Fundraising :Adopt-a-Seedling. We will be sowing seeds to grow out for a fundraiser at the church bazaar in early June. Caroline will secure a table at the church bazaar.

Helen and Bill will have spider plants for sale on green up day.

Victoria will have sketches of the school gazebo on Friday evening at the fire station open to interested parties.

Next meeting will be in 2 weeks on Tuesday.

Stephen, Timmie, Priscilla and Donna stayed late to seed 8 trays of different tomato, pepper, and eggplant varieties, for a possible 256 plants for the fundraiser.  Stephen took them home to put under lights.