Stamford VT Seed Savers Meeting Minutes: March 13, 2018

In attendance: Stephen, Helen, Joe, Priscilla, Caroline, Susan, and Pat

NEGEF Grant report approved

         Additional expenses modified to include 2 bags of germination mix.

Anticipated need for funds from a NEGEF Grow Grant

Garden Infrastructure: PhotoVoltaic Pump and watering system, Tool Shed                10×12, Additional Garden Beds, Sliding Garden Gate, Signage . . .

Tools: Garden cart, shovels, hoes, hoses, etc.

Seed Storage and filing system

Seeds for pollinator project and specific seed production varieties

Flower boxes for pollinator project in collaboration with Pat’s group.

(*We are working in the direction of a greenhouse as we build capacity in the school.)

Possible additional Funding needs:

Teacher Training Funds

Harvest Festival Support

We have had the A-frame bulletin sign for street level advertising donated to us.

We are collaborating with a flower box group by growing out pollinator friendly flowers. Opportunity to involve school kids in germinating seeds and growing the flowers.

Future Workshops:

Mushrooms: Ask Chris and Jen if they will lead the charge on Mushroom work to set date. Hold it at the fire station

Green-up day: May 3rd workshop to coincide with Green up Day, possible talk by Hank Art from Williams College about water quality, invasive species, local environmental issues

Next Meeting April 3rd.